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Working Around The Clock For Upscale Diagnostic Solutions

Blood Wellness

Technology to help physician’s determine the health status of their patients that can provide health information to diagnose conditions and to take a firsthand approach in health promotion and disease prevention.

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A Tool to define the backstory of a patient’s DNA that deciphers the genetic profile that will uncover a clearer picture of the patients health for a personalized treatment.

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Urine Drug Testing

Help clinicians establish and maintain effective medication monitoring as an assessment tool for drug specific identification to support patients treatment.

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Infectious Disease

The most enhanced comprehensive diagnostic pathogen test with 99.8% accuracy to test for infectious disease that will provide precise antibiotic resistance reporting.

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Why Us

Why Us

Optimal Turnaround Time

We work around the clock to deliver results and reporting accordingly based on tests ordered.

State of the Art Equipment

We use the latest and greatest technology in the nation that broadens our menu to service your diagnostic needs.

Client Satisfaction

Paperless ordering and viewing of results online through are portal will keep everything organized.

Electronic Ordering

We can integrate with your current EMR or EHR software to save steps and procedures to acquire patient documents.

In-Network Contracts

We have internal contracts with majority of insurance carriers to make sure that patients are covered.

Extensive Test Menu

Offering a variety of common and esoteric tests to enhance quality of healthcare with our diagnostics solutions.

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